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WallHack, ESP



  • VAC3 Proof (Tested extensively)
  • ESEA Proof (Not tested extensively)
  • ESL Wire Proof (Not tested extensively)
  • Faceit Proof (Not tested extensively)


  • Name ESP
  • Box ESP


  • Launch Counter Strike: Global Offensive as usual.
  • Launch P7GO.exe and play!
  • If nothing happens when you start the .exe file you are maybe missing the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013, so please download, install and restart your PC.
  • Make sure you are in full screen!

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NetSharkGo Wallhack http://cheats.lt http://cheats.lt#comments Fri, 26 Dec 2014 15:04:14 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1209

Counter-Stike: Global Offensive Wallhack.


Please open and read readme.txt file with all information about this hack.


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MIZ-Tool v2.1 http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-hacks/miz-tool-v2-1 http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-hacks/miz-tool-v2-1#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 19:10:23 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1191

++ [Hide Function] Hidden “Multi Infinite Zoom Tool v2.1″ from Taskmanager and anti cheat software
++ Zoom-Out and Zoom-In with Mousewheel
++ Alterable max Zoom-Out and Current Zoom-Out
++ 100% SAFE and UNDETECTED (NO Dll-Injection into LOL-Game Data)
++ Auto Modus and Manually Modus
++ Faster and better Performance (CPU Usage 0%~10%)
++ Alterable a lot of Settings
++ Auto Click Accept Tool
++ Auto Writer Tool
++ Game run without lag

1) extract the zip-file
2) copy and replace “csvmit0xshort.txt” to C:\..\..\..\MIZTool v2.1 64 Bit\SCFile
and for 32bit version the same C:\..\..\..\MIZTool v2.1 32 Bit\SCFile

and it will works.

MIZTool v2.1 64 Bit.zip DOWNLOAD
MIZTool v2.1 32 Bit.zip DOWNLOAD

If you have a 32 bit Operating System download 32 bit version from “Multi Infinite Zoom Tool v2.1″
If you have a 64 bit Operating System download 64 bit version from “Multi Infinite Zoom Tool v2.1″

VirusTotal -> link

Using MIZ-Tool Version 2.0 (7 min long):

TUTORIAL How to set the Settings for MIZ-Tool Version 2.0 (Detailed 39 min long):

How to Update MIZ-Tool and Infinite Tool after every LOL Update for any LOL Server (Detailed 29 min long):

http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-hacks/miz-tool-v2-1/feed 0
GhostLoL (referral bot) http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-bots/ghostlol-referral-bot http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-bots/ghostlol-referral-bot#comments Mon, 24 Nov 2014 18:52:17 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1189


  • Account system (+ Web system one list for all vmares)
  • Buy’s boosts for 1,3 days
  • Play with 5(accounts)+1 bot, 7(accounts)+1 bot, 9(accounts)+1.
  • Changes account when it reaches lvl 5 or 10 (See config file)
  • Automatic login
  • If you have no Summoner name the boot will choose a random name.
  • Detects invalid passwords
  • Advanced config file
  • Auto creates games
  • Change mouse speed and Time between operations

Control the bot:

  • F1 – Starts the bot
  • F5 – Kills League Of Legends
  • F6 – Kills GhostLoL + League Of Legends
  • F9 – Resets the accounts.txt and currAcc.txt files


  • WMware Workstation 10
  • League of Legends (all below install with league of legends)
  • DirectX 9
  • League of Legends + Adobe AIR + Pando Media Booster
  • .Net Framework 3.5

Step 1: Recommended system configuration using an HDD @ 7200 rpm

Quad core @ 3.2 Ghz Cpu
8 GB Ram
1 GB Dedicated Video card
100 Gb of space.

Step 2: Setting up the environment

First of all you’ll need to obtain an original version of Vmware Workstation, I’m pretty sure you will find original versions of it on the web.
Once installed open it and start creating a Virtual Machine, click on file and then on “New Virtual Machine”
Choose typical and click next, select the iso of the O.S. (I recommend Windows Tiny 7, you can find it on the web)
Select Windows 7 and then click next until the system creates the machine.
Start the machine.
Install Windows 7 as you would usually do.
Right click on the desktop and click “Screen Resolution” and use 1024×768, 32 bit.
Right click on the desktop and click “Personalize”, scroll down to “Windows Classic” and select it.
Click on “Vm” in the Vmware menù, then click on Install Vmware Tools
Vmware tools will be added as a CD/DVD unit, so install them by double clicking it in “Computer” (if this is not going to work, open it and look for setup.exe, run it and install)
The system should reboot and you’re done with it.

Step 3a: Setting up the machine(s)
Open internet explorer (no Chrome, sigh) and download the League of legends setup, run it and let it do its job.
Once completed you have 2 different ways: (slower but safer) You download and install LoL as you would usually do, or (faster but risky) you can share the Lol folder you installed on your computer.
If you want to share the folder then you have to shutdown you machine and click on settings by right clicking the name of the created machine in the list on the left of the screen
Click on Options in the upper left corner, scroll down to Shared folders and check “Always Enabled” and “Map as network drive in Windows guests”
Click ” Add” and “Next, when you see “Host patch” click “Browse” and go to your Riot Games folder (Usually located in C:\)
Click next and check “Enable this share” (MAKE SURE READ-ONLY IS UNCHECKED) then click finish.
Make sure the folder’s square is Enabled in the “Shared Folders” menu
Now go back to setting and remove all the hardwares except Display, Network Adapter, CD/DVD, Hard Disk, Processors and Memory
Give a minimum of 1024 MB of memory if you have an HDD.
Click Ok and start the machine.

Step 3b: Setting up the machine and I want a 3b step, it’s swag.

Once booted in Windows 7, click on “Computer” and you’ll see a new network drive, double click it, that’s your shared folder.
Reach the “Riot Games” folder and Copy it.
Now go to C:\ And paste. REPLACE EVERYTHING.
Once done, try to run LoL to see if it works fine (don’t go in-game, just login)
Now go to your real computer (not the machine) and copy the GhostLol archive.
Go to your machine,paste it and extract it on the desktop.
Open it, copy the config folder (locate in ghostlolfolder\assets) in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\. Replace everything.
Now run lol and start a game; in-game, click Esc and go to Video
Use 1024×768 FULL SCREEN res, set everything on Very low, shadows off, check for “wait for vertical sync” and fps cap at 25.
Go to Interface, set everything to 100.

Exit the game and shutdown the machine.

Step 4: Creating all the swag virtual machines.

In the Machines list, right click on the machine you created, go to snapshot–>snapshot manager, click take snapshot
A new snapshot will be added, right click on it and click “clone this snapshot”, click next, check the “An existing snapshot”, click next, check “linked one”, then click next until it creates a clone of the machine.
Do it for 4 times, so that you will have a total of 5 virtual machines in the list on the left.

Step 5: setting up the swagga bot

Start all the machines, go to the ghostlol folder and open the config.ini file with the notepad.
Replace “Example1337″ with the name of the lol lobby the bot will create (you can choose whatever you want, just make sure it’s in the game_name=”nameofthelobby” and not game_name=name of the lobby. “” matter, man)
Do the same for password.
Repeat this step for every machine.
Now you have to choose a host machine. Open the config.ini ONLY IN 1 MACHINE and replace “player” (without “”) with host
You can set additional things in the config.ini, but everything should be fine.
Once you did this, save the config.ini file and go to the ghostlol folder, open the accounts folder and open the “account.txt” file.
Delete everything and write username|password as I did, with a | in the middle and no spaces.
Do it for every machine with a different account.
Save changes.

Step 6: now you’re ready to go!

Start the Ghostlol.exe and press F1, do it for every machine.
If you want to kill everything, just press F6.
You’re done, the bot is levelling up your accounts!

You can give a look at the “FAQ” section in the first thread for any trouble.
Click thanks if you liked this tutorial!
And of course a big thank you to Seidan, that gave us this wonderful bot!

http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-bots/ghostlol-referral-bot/feed 0
WALLHACKED PLAYERS http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-hacks/wallhacked-players http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-hacks/wallhacked-players#comments Sat, 23 Nov 2013 15:45:50 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1180

Features: WallHack

Download link : WallHacked Players
1. Download (if Approved)
2. Extract (using winrar/7zip etc.)
3. Copy the “csgo” Folder in your CS:GO Directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive)
& Override the old files.
4. Have Fun


http://cheats.lt/league-of-legends-hacks/wallhacked-players/feed 3
ze4cheatsCOM (public) http://cheats.lt/cs-cheats/ze4cheatscom http://cheats.lt/cs-cheats/ze4cheatscom#comments Sat, 23 Nov 2013 15:37:47 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1175

Features: WallHack, ESP…
Download link: ze4cheatsCOM (public)
Supported Games: CS 1.6, CS:S, CS:GO

- ESP Box
- ESP Health (css,csgo)
- VAC Proof
- Internal hack
- Working in fullscreen & window mode
- Multicore-rendering supported (csgo)
- No FPS drops
- Supported by every Windows version

1. Extract the ZIP-File.
2. Start game
3. Run ze4.exe
4. Hack should work now

Flickering? Turn off multicore-rendering.
Not working? Install Install Visual C++ Redistributable für Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 aus dem Microsoft Download Center herunterladen.,
disable Windows-Defender, disable UAC, disable random av-tools, run ze4.exe with admin rights, …

http://cheats.lt/cs-cheats/ze4cheatscom/feed 12
OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.3.3 http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/oldschoolhack-fusion-1-3-3 http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/oldschoolhack-fusion-1-3-3#comments Mon, 23 Sep 2013 08:53:54 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1167

Features: Aimbot, WallHack, AntiRecoil…

Atsisiuntimo nuoroda: OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.3.3

start OSHFusionLoader.exe as administrator
2. select the game you want to hack
3. start the game
4. click “Load Hack” or if the loader uses autoinject do nothing!

Supported Games:
Battlefield Heroes
Call of Duty 4
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Source
Day of Defeat: Source
Special Force 2
Team Fortress 2
Tribes: Ascend
Unreal Tournament 2004



-different Aimkeys
-selectable bones

-Enemy only

-Enemy only


-Counter-Strike: Source
–No Flash
-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
–No Flash
-Team Fortress 2
-Day of Defeat: Source
-Battlefield Heroes
–Aim At Invisible
-Tribes: Ascend
–Infinite Jetpack
–Pushback Weapon Hack
-Special Force 2
–No Flash
–Weapon Spawner
–God Mode
–One Shot Kill
–Name Changer
–Switch Team
–Win Round
–Win Game

http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/oldschoolhack-fusion-1-3-3/feed 2
SOH CSS 1.5 http://cheats.lt/css-cheats/soh-css-1-5 http://cheats.lt/css-cheats/soh-css-1-5#comments Sat, 20 Jul 2013 16:00:15 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1155

Features: Wallhack, Chams, Crosshair

Download link: SOH CSS 1.5

F11 – Player WallHack On/Off
F10 – Crosshair On/Off

- If Steam, run Steam .
- Run the executable file (.exe) included.
- Run CSS
- Do “NOT” close the loader it will close after randomization.




- Update your video driver .

Download from Microsoft:
- Directx Web Update complete . ( Not the SDK .)/ No DX11 Support.
- C++ 2005 Redistributable
- C++ 2008 Redistributable
- C++ 2010 Redistributable
- .Net framework 3.5
- .Net framework 4.0

http://cheats.lt/css-cheats/soh-css-1-5/feed 0
Aimbot + Bhop http://cheats.lt/cs-cheats/aimbot-bhop http://cheats.lt/cs-cheats/aimbot-bhop#comments Sat, 20 Jul 2013 15:46:56 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1152

Features: AimBot, BunnyHop, BoxESP

Download link: AimBot + Bhop


Start CS 1.6
Start ABhop v1.1.exe wait for the injection
When the cheat injects the first time its generating a file called ABhopv1.ini where you can change your setting.
Close CS 1.6 and go to Steam/steamapps/common/Half Life and you will have a file ABhop.ini and change your setting how you want.
If you are done setting up your setting, Start CS 1.6 and start ABhop v1.1.exe again and wait to inject.
Ingame check your console for the succefuly injection, if you don’t have anything in the console ,the cheat its not working and try to reinject.

Go on Set launch options and write this :
m_rawinput 0
cl_mousegrab 0
gl_vsync 0


All copyright go to cubex-software

http://cheats.lt/cs-cheats/aimbot-bhop/feed 3
NoFlash – TriggerBot CS:GO http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/noflash-triggerbot-csgo http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/noflash-triggerbot-csgo#comments Thu, 20 Jun 2013 08:18:26 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1147

Features: NoFlash, TriggerBot

Download link: NoFlash – TriggerBot


TriggerBot on/off: NUM +
NoFlash: Always enabled.

http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/noflash-triggerbot-csgo/feed 1
CS:GO WallHack http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/csgo-wallhack http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/csgo-wallhack#comments Fri, 14 Jun 2013 20:42:24 +0000 http://cheats.lt/?p=1141

Features: Wallhack

Download link: CS:GO WallHack

- NUM 1/2 – ON/OFF WallHack
- NUM 4/5 – ON/OFF Skelton Mode
- NUM 7/8 – ON/OFF AntiSmoke

This cheat is UNDETECTED by VAC.

1. Run CS:GO
2. Run the CSGO_WallHack_V4.exe

http://cheats.lt/cs-go-cheats/csgo-wallhack/feed 2